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Custom Clips:

  • Whatever your fantasy, whatever your dream scenario - Luna, her skilled team and her many wrestling friends will create it for you on film to watch wherever you are, whenever you like - Price on request

  • Add as many Male or Female Wrestlers  to assist Luna in your fantasy clip - Price on request.                             (email: CONTACT@FIGHTERLUNA.COM)


Online workouts:


  • 1 on 1 with Luna by Skype or Zoom - £150 per hour



Muscle Worship and Massage (Sensual NOT sexual):


  • Have you ever looked at all those fit, muscular bodies that you see all over the internet now and wondered how those rock hard bodies would feel up against yours?                                                
    Maybe you dream about me squeezing some of the life out of you briefly, or being picked up and carried around like a helpless victim...or even better still, imagine pouring my favourite massage oil all over my ridiculously strong body and getting to give me a massage after all that training and wrestling I do (I'm not sure who will be enjoying the session more).  If you have other Muscle Worship Fantasies, I am very open minded and if there is ever something I am not comfortable with, I will be completely upfront and honest.  I will never disrespect you and I ask you to please treat me the same way that I will be treating you.  

Luna x

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