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"I'm a London based Session Wrestler, I have been on the Mixed Wrestling Scene since early 2012, back with the one and only original LWS (London Wrestling Studio), when they closed their doors, I became Independent, I travelled the world of wrestling and met some amazing people, I hope to meet many more.

I get asked all the time "What made you get into Mixed Wrestling?"  I was training at a boxing/MMA gym in North London and a girl who trained there told me to come along to LWS and meet the now retired Honey, who owned the company. I immediately loved the idea of doing something that not only empowered women and got you fit, but the world of mixed wrestling is filled with (mostly) wonderful people respecting each another.  I love the martial arts, I love getting sweaty, meeting new people and in a world where Amazonian, muscly women are sometimes looked at like freaks...there is no place I would rather be than on the mats doing my thing.

I am able to travel to most places throughout the UK with enough notice, (hotel rooms are not included in my session fee).  Check out my two favourite venues in London below text. ​ Let me know which location is more convenient for you and I will organise the rest. 


 Although I've had my downtime and thoughts of retirement... I'm still here, and I'm still going strong.  Probably stronger than ever actually.  Book a session from the session list drop-down above, or email me to have a session or clip tailored to your desires."


I love to wrestle - competitive, semi competitive, fantasy, oil wrestling, I just love to use my muscles whenever possible.

Let's do this.

Love Luna 




(Note: For those of you who are nervous about travelling to sessions, which is completely understandable, please let me reassure you that I am taking extra precautions before, during, and outside of sessions to ensure I am COVID-19 free and REMAIN COVID-19 FREE.  I am fully vaccinated and test myself regularly.  If you are still uneasy about travelling, I am offering bespoke custom clips with your fantasy lived out for real on film.  Please contact me on the booking form below).

To find out more dates, location information and to book a session, contact me at

Deposits will be taken at the time of booking and are non-refundable.  NO EXCEPTIONS.


Booking FAQs


Rules AREN'T made to be broken:

(but don't let these put you off)

Please always be respectful in sessions.  If I say TAP - you stop, if you say TAP - then I will stop.

If I say that I don't offer sexual services, please do not offer them back to me.

I don't do topless, nude, or sessions wearing tiny thongs.  Some wrestlers do and hats off to them for having the balls, I personally like to wrestle in garments I won't fall out of.  Photoshoots are a different story, and I am happy to get my kit off for the correct angle.

I am a serious hygiene freak, my sense of smell is similar to a wolf. 


I understand we are going to get sweaty in our sessions, and the sweatier, the better, but there is a difference between straight out of the shower sweat and can't be bothered to wash before a sweaty session sweat.  If I ask you to shower pre-session, please don't be offended, I would shower if you asked me to.  If you don't normally wear deodorant — sorry, but you will wear it for my session, please.  I also ask for you to wear clean clothes/underwear to wrestle me in, fresh breath and if you have smelly or flaky gross feet — please bring clean socks.  We are living in a crazy COVID-19 filled world at the moment and if I can take the time to make sure I am looking my best, you can too.

Some wrestlers have different rules, but your 1hr session starts when we are on the mats and finishes when we leave the mats.  Please arrive 5-10 minutes early to prepare.  If for any reason I am running late and can't give you the full hour, I will refund you for time lost.

Due to the frustrating amount of time wasters and cancellations, the deposit paid by you, is NON-refundable, so please don't book until you are certain you can make it.  There is a possibility a session you can postpone your session at late notice, but this is at my discretion.  Please don't waste my time, or else you will be blacklisted by me and maybe other wrestlers too.

Leave your details on the form below, or chat with me via the chat app on here and let's have some fun.

Love Luna x

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